What Eti does.

Energy Tech Innovations, LLC (ETI) was formed to serve the specialized needs of clients in the environmental field, renewable energy and particularly in the field of biogas energy. ETI focuses on the identification of sustainable solutions and the implementation of innovative cost-effective approaches to achieve successful results every time.
ETI has also dedicated significant resources to develop it's patent-pending biogas upgrading process that utilizes water as a natural solvent to produce Renewable Natural Gas (RNG). ETI expects this process to be the lowest cost commercially available system in the market today. In the development of this process method, ETI has involved academic support to conduct technical process performance reviews and analysis. ETI believes following a step-wise validation approach involving 3rd party reviews is a critical part of fast-tracking ETI's biogas water wash process commercialization effort. 

Who ETI is.


Bryan Johnson, ETI President & Founder 

Bryan Johnson, the President and Founder of ETI is a Professional Engineer with more than 25 years of experience in implementing energy initiatives, renewable energy projects and sustainability practices. Bryan is also a subject matter expert in renewable energy with specialization in biogas/landfill gas systems and related energy utilization.  He also has extensive experience in the solid waste industry including waste minimization, feasibilities, permitting and facility design.

Bryan’s technical expertise is complimented by his project development experience. He has successfully conceptualized, negotiated and implemented numerous biogas/landfill gas projects over his career.  Bryan uses these experiences to develop acceptable risk/reward balance for his clients and is able to mitigate issues by his understanding and perspective from both sides of the table, to avoid many common technical and contract pitfalls that can otherwise occur.

Education and Professional Certifications

B.S. – Civil and Environmental Engineering

B.S. - Geology

Professional Engineer


Project Development

Renewable Energy

Biogas Production and Utilization

Solid Waste Management

Sustainability Practices

Environmental Engineering

Gas Processing

Highlighted Capabilities

  • Facilitates private, public and private/public partnership developments in the renewable energy sector.

  • Expertise in environmental engineering and renewable energy projects from concept development through the start of operations.

  •  Assists clients with developing and implementing sustainable practices and to achieve Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emission reductions.

  • In-depth technical knowledge of energy utilization, economical solutions and practices over a wide spectrum of industrial and commercial operations.

  • Extensive experience facilitating project development liaison activities with clients, developers, contractors, equipment vendors, operators, utilities, and regulatory agencies.


  • Provided owner representative services for the development of a uniquely designed 2-MW co-generation anaerobic digester system that operates entirely on high strength organics and produces nutrient-rich soil quality supplements.

  • Successfully developed biogas energy projects nation-wide including; electric generation, direct thermal use and high-btu pipeline injection.

  • Design, construction and operational optimization of dozens of landfill gas collection systems.

  • Provided permitting assistance to numerous U.S. facilities by guiding this process through technical and regulatory requirements including those requiring siting and air emission system permits.