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ETI's Biogas Purification Solution for the Marketplace


Lower Cost

Patented Biogas Water Wash Method Produces RNG

ETIs Biogas to RNG Patended Solution Sli

Modularized and compact, ETI has lower material cost with minimal moving parts and low energy use.

Make marginal projects economical with ETI's Re-Engineered Process.

ETI's System Benefits

  • ​Process can achieve 98%+ methane purification.
  • Low methane product process loss.
  • Gas contaminant removal of hydrogen sulfide (H2S) and siloxanes.
  • Produces "Renewable Natural Gas" (RNG) at lower cost than utility supplied natural gas. 
  • Carbon dioxide (CO2) by-product gas used for beneficial pH/alkalinity control and assists in phosphorous (struvite) removal processes.
  • Water wash technology is well proven, the most common upgrading process utilized world-wide.
  • Environmentally-friendly "Green" process.

ETI's unique new biogas upgrading water wash process method has the ability to provide superior  benefits including:

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Markets Served

ETI's biogas water wash process is applicable to all of the following: 

  • Wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs) with anaerobic digestion. 
  • Food and beverage manufacturing facilities with or planning to add anaerobic digestion. 
  • Agricultural biodigesters. 
  • Municipal solid waste landfills. 
  • Other low-grade methane producing sites.

ETI's new process relies on an established biogas upgrading process that is used world-wide.  As an added benefit to this upgrading technology, ETI is bringing together biogas treatment combined with waste water processes to maximize the potential synergies that exist.  

Partner with ETI

Fast-track Commercialization

ETI is looking to form a strategic business relationship with one or more technology/manufacturing companies or investors to bring this innovative biogas purification process method to market. If your organization thinks they might be interested in discussing a business partnership, please contact ETI.