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Taylor Baseheart, Communications Manager for The Water Council (TWC) recently wrote an article about ETI's sustainable biogas purification process and current work as a 2018 Pilot Program Winner. ETI is working on commercializing their new biogas water wash purification method, and implementing their pilot on site at MMSD's wastewater treatment plant.

The article also touches on Energy Tech Innovations' (ETI) work with the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee's department of Civil and Environmental Engineering. As a BREW graduate company, ETI was connected with Professor Jin Li, who directed process validation modeling work of ETI's water wash purification system.

ETI continues to work towards building its pilot at the Jones Island Water Treatment Reclamation Facility, and exploring the success in this 30% cheaper method in producing clean renewable natural gas (RNG).

Look forward to more updates as the pilot is launched this fall!

Read the Water Council's full article by clicking on the image below of the press release.

The Water Council

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