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ETI’s Pilot Showing Success, Gives Pilot Tour in December 2018

In December of 2018, Bryan Johnson of ETI gave a pilot overview tour to Focus on Energy representatives, Joe Cantwell and David Wurtz along with MMSD’s representative Karen Sands and Matt Magruder (photo credits above). ETI is demonstrating both, system performance and the process configuration flexibility using its low-cost patent-pending vertical absorbers and also its “absorber in a box” configuration. The gas purification pilot can produce the equivalent of renewable natural gas (RNG) with a biogas feed stream even when operating at relatively low pressures.

ETI's process has minimal moving parts, uses a very low amount of energy to run the process and no additional pumps or compressors are needed to operate this pilot. ETI is looking forward to continue its pilot evaluation this coming spring in 2019 and plans to give tours to various parties.

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