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ETI Makes Presentation at Biocycle REFOR19 – Madison WI

ETI made a presentation at the Biocycle REFOR19 Conference on 10/30/2019 entitled "Water-Based Biogas Purification Pilot System at a Waste Water Resource Recovery Facility (WRRF)". The presentation focused on ETI's new low-cost biogas upgrading process that uses water to clean and purify the gas is currently being piloted by Energy Tech Innovations, LLC (ETI) at the Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District's (MMSD's) Jones Island wastewater treatment facility. This technology pilot demonstration project was competitively selected from a group of proposals and ETI began piloting this biogas purification system in the fall of 2018. This pilot has continued in 2019 showing early operational success by demonstrating carbon dioxide (CO2) removal down to levels contained in natural gas.

This biogas purification innovation involves a low-cost approach to system design and to date the pilot has also demonstrated low energy consumption. The pilot can operate at relatively low pressures using only the wastewater plant’s existing feed line pressure in the range of less than 60 psig to supply the raw gas and water without using any additional compression. The presentation detailed gas pilot energy consumption, process economics, gas output quality including the removal capability of hydrogen sulfide (H2S) and siloxanes that are problematic for energy production combustion equipment. In addition, beneficial use of the by-product CO2 is currently being evaluated to aid in wastewater pH adjustment and potential use in phosphorus removal processes.

ETI has involved the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee (UWM) from a process modeling validation standpoint and UWM has also provided field support to this pilot demonstration. This biogas purification pilot system has wide-spread biogas commercial applications and can provide more energy use options to end-users.

For more information on this Biocycle event visit;

Photo above, Bryan Johnson of ETI presenting at Biocycle Conference in Madison, WI

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