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ETI’s Biogas Upgrading Systems add CO2-pH Control Process, Enhances Chlorine Disinfection and More

More innovation…ETI has just recently developed a new patent-pending biogas CO2-pH control process that enhances wastewater treatment, reduces operational costs while making their operations more resilient and sustainable. This new biogas CO2-pH control process uses supersaturated CO2 by-product water for pH adjustment from ETI’s biogas upgrading purification systems or from other biogas upgrading systems. For example, the CO2 can be used to lower the pH in the effluent water resulting in significant enhancement of chlorine disinfection effectiveness by 25% or more. In this example approach, combining chlorine disinfection with ETI’s new cost-saving biogas CO2-pH control process, wastewater treatment facilities can have more operational flexibility to lower their chemical usage, reduce chlorine contact time (CT) while improving their overall disinfection capability against pathogenic bacteria including E-coli. This is not all, ETI is focused on integrating a number of innovative CO2 beneficial uses involving; general pH process adjustment, polymer reduction, phosphorus removal/control processes as well as other wastewater treatment related applications.

Below is an example of beneficially using the CO2 carbonated outlet water from ETI’s biogas water wash process to improve chlorine disinfection at a wastewater treatment facility while at the same time this would reduce CO2 (biogenic) carbon emissions, reducing the carbon intensity (CI) of their operations.

ETI plans to start offering this new biogas CO2-pH control process for site beta testing along with its recently patented low-cost biogas upgrading water wash systems that produce high quality renewable natural gas (RNG). ETI has developed these process approaches by taking advantage of innovative process synergies while keeping it simple to install and operate. Wastewater treatment facilities will be able to double their benefits with ETI’s biogas upgrading systems and utilize their own self-supply of CO2 so that “nothing goes to waste”.

See below for more details:

ETI’s new patent-pending biogas CO2-pH control process development follows the company’s recent successful piloting of its low-cost patented biogas water wash upgrading system at the Jones Island Milwaukee wastewater treatment facility. Sponsored via The Water Council’s water technology accelerator program and also the Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District (MMSD) as a co-sponsor, ETI’s pilot system demonstrated its ability to upgrade biogas into renewable natural gas (RNG) over a wide range of operational conditions while producing a CO2 carbonated water supply. During this time, a number of potential beneficial CO2 carbonated water uses were identified in conjunction with operating ETI’s biogas purification process.

It is important to note that for some time wastewater treatment facilities have utilized CO2 gas from industrial gas suppliers where it is often stored in large vessels on-site and then used as an operational treatment additive. However, now wastewater facilities can use their own self-supply of biogas CO2 to enhance their treatment processes using ETI’s new integrated biogas upgrading systems and pH-control process. The use of CO2 for pH adjustment has been a preferred industry option since it forms a weak acid in water that lowers the pH in a much easier and safer manner as compared to other stronger acidic compounds such as sulfuric acid.

Contact ETI to see how we can innovate for your biogas facility operations.


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